Artist Contract. (#6)

Michael Mayo - Day & Night (Ft. Leo Valentine)

Both parties agree that this contract alone governs the agreement!

This agreement is made for the sole and unique purpose of determining the royalties and some other arrangements associated with the collaboration with Lauren Anne Hoff as artist/songwriter in relation to the song 'Day & Night

Michael Niamke Mayo – Main Artist, Producer, Lyricist 

IPI with BMI: 00840484634
Address: 259 Overlook Ave, New Britain, CT 06053, USA


Lauren Anne Hoff – Featured Artist, Lyricist

IPI with ASCAP: 1135018792
Address: 11261 Elder Ave SW Port Orchard, WA, 98367  USA
Distributed by: Boosted ENT

Royalty split:

Michael Niamke Mayo - Main Artist, Producer, Lyricist

Lauren Anne Hoff - Featured Artist, Lyricist

Publishing: Boosted ENT 50% Michael Mayo 50%

Copyright: Boosted ENT 20%  Michael Mayo 80%

Streaming Royalties: Boosted ENT 20% Michael Mayo 55% Lauren Anne Hoff 25%


Michael Mayo - Main Artist, Lyricist, and Music Producer

Lauren Anne Hoff - Featured Artist, and Lyricist


The Work shall be named the following credit line:

Michael Mayo - Day & Night (Ft. Leo Valentine)



Control of artistic work matters decisions involving the Work should be made as a team but the final decisions will be made as an artist.



Collaborators are collaborating on this single Work. This agreement does not create
a partnership relationship.



Boosted ENT / Michael Mayo are/is responsible for the payments to Lauren Anne Hoff of the above royalties.   Boosted ENT / Michael Mayo will only make these payments via PayPal to the below-indicated PayPal account of Lauren Anne Hoff.  



Michael Mayo, Boosted ENT, and/or Lauren Hoff may sell their rights to another party at any point. With prior written notice.



Michael Mayo & Boosted Entertainment will be the primary advertiser. Lauren Anne Hoff is not required to put money towards campaigns or any other form of publication, representation etc. Lauren Anne Hoff is still responsible for legal fees associated with the song and lyrics, as indicated under ‘Warranties and Indemnities'.


The Collaborators agree that none will incorporate material based on or derived
from the Work in any subsequent work without the written consent of the other Collaborator(s). Michael Mayo can still use the music that is produced, however, lyrics are a joint effort and any use of lyrics will require written consent.



Collaborators represent and warrant to each other that: each is
free to enter into this agreement; all contributions to the Work are original or all necessary permissions and releases have been obtained and paid for, and no intellectual property rights have been infringed upon or other laws violated. Each Collaborator agrees to indemnify the other(s) for any loss, liability, or expense resulting from the actual breach of these warranties



This agreement cannot be assigned or transferred without the written consent of the other Collaborators. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Collaborators. No modification shall be enforceable except in writing and signed by the Collaborators hereto. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Connecticut. In the event any dispute arising under this agreement results in litigation, arbitration, or mediation, such action or proceeding shall be brought within the state or federal courts of the United States. Mediation of any dispute arising from this agreement shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the Arts Resolution Services, a program of the Connecticut Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts.

Boosted ENT / Michael Mayo will provide Lauren Anne Hoff within max 7 days, with a counter-signed version of this agreement. 



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Payment Details

Payments are made only through PayPal and the artist are responsible for the fees themselves.


The following is legally binding!

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