Michael Mayo Announces New Album!

Oye Album

Michael Mayo in 2022 New album cover

Who Is Michael Mayo

Michael Mayo a singer, songwriter, music producer, actor, and entrepreneur! Since every project is unique how he approaches each project has to be unique! he started with just a dream and now it’s become a reality!

Top Remixes

With over 1000s of remixes of Michael Mayo’s work here are the top ones for October 2022


Get To Know Fast-Rising Artist

 Michael Mayo doesn’t produce unique music to simply make a point, though, making a point is an added bonus.

June 25, 2022

Long Late Nights (feat. Harrison Walker)​

A perfect song for the weekend ahead, the track blends dance-pop with essences of soul and R&B, creating an infectiously memorable and melodic slice of musical bliss.

June 24, 2022

Celebrated Artist Taps Uncharted Territory In Latest Single “Long Late Nights”​

Among the projects that we listen to every day, there is a very particular category that we have identified, consisting of artists

June 24, 2022

Michael Mayo With Fisher Island Lemonade