Who Is Michael Mayo?​

singer, Award-winning songwriter, actor, and producer

Born and raised in Connecticut, Michael began his music career releasing his first official song in 2012. Michael would later release 3 albums and 2017 work as a songwriter licensing one of his songs to Cirque Du Soliel’s Volta project. In 2019, Michael had a remix of his songs hit 750,000 listens on YouTube. Later, Michael would go on to release and write music for Woo York, NAZAAR, C Y G N, Michael Roman, Subfer, Erik Nyxx, PIXELORD, and more. Michael has amassed over 600,000 plays on a remix to his song “Hope” on YouTube which is one of his most popular songs to date. Michael Mayo has been on 15 editorial playlists and been remixed more than 10,000 times over by over 9000+ artists. in addition, Michael has worked on set for HBO max shows and national commercials.

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