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Michael Mayo

Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, & Actor

Connecticut-born Michael Mayo embarked on his music journey in 2012, launching his debut song that marked the beginning of an illustrious career. With 4 albums to his name, Michael’s songwriting finesse caught the attention of Cirque Du Soleil, leading to his contribution to their renowned ‘Volta’ project in 2017. 2019 saw a remix of Michael’s tracks explode on YouTube, garnering a whopping 750,000 listens. This was only a precursor to the viral success of his song “Hope”, which has been streamed over 600,000 times on YouTube alone. His impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with music luminaries like Woo YorkNAZAARC Y G NMichael RomanSubferErik Nyxx, and PIXELORD, among others. Michael Mayo’s distinctive sound has earned him spots on 15 editorial playlists and an astounding number of remixes – over 10,000 by more than 9000 artists. Beyond music, Michael has worked sets of HBO Max shows and national google chrome commercial. Learn More.

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