Oye (Album)

Dancin' On My Own

sweetie (Remix)

Lean Back

To Be Human

Michael Mayo releases his brand new album, ‘Oye’ 11.11.22! Brimming with cool, confident, party, and carefree vibes, this album is the party anthem for the anytime of the year, giving the dance vibes while you are outside, in a club, or having a road trip.

Dancin’ On My Own is a Pop, Jersey Club fusion that will make get up and dance and have a good time. This song has been featured on Spotify’s Jersey Club Heat editorial!

“sweetie” shines through with a unique blend of pop and EDM, that perfectly completes the pop-infused production. The combination of the styles gives “sweetie” an incomparable and addictive signature.

A party track – the song is filled to the brim with carefree and confident vibes, and with it comes the promise to get everyone up on their feet on the dance floor.

A power yet universal message.

©2022 Michael Mayo