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Michael Mayo released his third song from upcoming EP “OYE” he wants everyone to know the message behind the song! this song is about celebrating your accomplishments with a message that can resonate with anyone no matter what culture boundaries or background they may have!

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Connecticut-born Michael Mayo embarked on his music journey in 2012, launching his debut song that marked the beginning of an illustrious career. With 4 albums to his name, Michael’s songwriting finesse caught the attention of Cirque Du Soleil, leading to his contribution to their renowned ‘Volta’ project in 2017. 2019 saw a remix of Michael’s tracks explode on YouTube, garnering a whopping 750,000 listens. This was only a precursor to the viral success of his song “Hope”, which has been streamed over 600,000 times on YouTube alone. 

His impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with music luminaries like Woo York, NAZAAR, C Y G N, Michael Roman, Subfer, Erik Nyxx, and PIXELORD, among others. Michael Mayo’s distinctive sound has earned him spots on 15 editorial playlists and an astounding number of remixes – over 10,000 by more than 9000 artists. Beyond music, Michael has worked sets of HBO Max shows and national google chrome commercial. Learn More.

Michael Mayo performing at the Berlin Under A live for fans his latest single Masterpiece!
Masterpiece Live
Berlin Under A
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